Technical Office

Technical Office

With the inclusion of the third generation and the consequent restyling realized in 2015, a new branch of the company was born. A technical office composed by internal and external collaborators, who deals with the management implementing the strategy in all its phases. This has allowed us to fill a great gap in our sector, namely the lack of direct communication between the designer and the execution company.


The Technical Office has the task of managing the bureaucratic and design phases related to the construction of buildings, regarding all the real estate administrative procedures. It also provides accurate budget management and investment planning with the creation of business plans when necessary.


We follow all stages of design, such as programming through the use of bar charts (e.i. Gantt), instrumental surveys of all kinds, architectural design and development of building practices. Thanks to accurate estimates of construction costs, through the creation of business plans we give the opportunity to know the profitability of the realized investment.

Administrative Technician

We take care of all the services necessary to the execution of: cadastral transfers, concessions, millesimal, condominium regulations and any other bureaucratic practice.

Cadastral Practices

Our collaborators can perform any type of cadastral practice, such as planimetries, map extracts and visures. We also deal with complaints of new buildings, changes of use, extensions of buildings and various investigations.


We carry out all kind of real estate valuations, with scrupulous and detailed estimates, providing comprehensive assistance during the purchase and sale.
In addition, because of our experience and expertise, we can carry out conformity assessments and establish the necessary procedures of adjustments.